Field Trips

  We are now able to plan for Field Trips and visits in 2022.  As before, we may need to change plans as we emerge from the COVID Pandemic.  However, we must move on, so here are the proposed dates and locations for 2022. Mini guides have been written for individuals or small groups to use.  These guides can be downloaded from: Publications – Mini Guides here on the website.

Please e-mail us for further details or contact Bob Appleyard at

There is a charge of £ 3.50 per person for each half day trip, and £7.00 for each full day trip

Mobile phone numbers for contacting the person in charge for each field trip will be available at the HGG meeting immediately before the event, but please note that some of these are not on the weekend immediately following the Monday evening meetings.

 Date Fieldtrip
 Saturday 21st May We can look forwards to a day in Thixendale, East Yorkshire, just east of Stamford Bridge. The trip will be looking at the Geology, Geoarchaeology and Landscape of the Yorkshire Wolds which is part of the proposed UNESCO Global Geopark for East Yorkshire. We will see examples of the evolution of the landscape through geological time as well as the relationship between geological structures and human activity. Meet at Thixendale at 10.00 (Please park sensibly along the side of the road by the Church).  Bring lunch and a drink and dress for the weather.  HGG Lead: Ian Warrington.
Saturday June 11th   Following the successful trip to the Peak District volcanic exposures in Autumn 2021, we’re having a return visit to other volcanic exposures.  This will include, but not limited to, Tideswell Dale Quarry, and Peters Stone near Litton.  The trip will include a range of volcanic exposures, impact on the local country rock and some structural analysis.  All sites are approached on good footpaths and tracks.  HGG Coord:  Bob Appleyard
Friday 8th July Residential weekend It is proposed to visit Holme Park Quarry, Carnforth.  This is a busy and impressive limestone aggregates quarry.  Timings and details to follow.  Additional local walks may also be included, or an evening bird watching at Leighton Moss. See below for Saturday & Sunday visits that can be joined individually
 Saturday July 9th  Another day out on Morecambe Bay, this time at Heysham. We’ll meet at about 10:00 am, and finish about 4:00 p.m.  The exact itinerary will depend on tide times and sea state but this is what is planned. The trip involves a short scramble down onto the shore in the morning, and walking on a rough shoreline later in the day.  This is not difficult but, like all coastal exposures, will require care. In the morning, we will be looking at a small exposure of the rarely exposed Carboniferous Greta Grits, and at one of the few Permo-Triassic exposures along the edge of the Lancashire coast. In the afternoon, we will be back in the Carboniferous, examining the Ward’s Stone sandstone at Heysham Head & Roeburndale cliffs nearer the Harbour.  (Note: am and pm sessions may be swapped over depending on tide times.) . We can also arrange to take a quick look at the carved Viking ‘Hog Stone’ in the church and at the early Christian St Patrick’s chapel and rock graves on Heysham Head.  Further details regarding transport etc will follow nearer the time. HGG Lead: Bob Appleyard.
Sunday 10th July Proposed visit to the limestone exposures at Arnside, Morecambe Bay.  Here we’ll see limestone structures including bedding, faulting and synclines.  There are also superb fossils that are easily viewed.  The walk is on a rocky foreshore with some slippery rocks, boulders, shingle and very sticky mud!  The itinerary can be modified if required, possibly with pre-positioned vehicles to minimise walking. Precise details will follow, and the exact timings will depend on the state of the tide.  HGG Lead:  Bob Appleyard.
August, September We are proposing to run field trips throughout summer. 

Non-members are always most welcome. Those attending field meetings do so at their own risk. Huddersfield Geology Group can accept no liability for injury, theft or loss however caused.

Guests from other organisations are welcome. However, if you are bringing or inviting guests it is an essential courtesy to inform the visit coordinator and Field Trips Committee Member – Bob Appleyard.

Numbers may be limited on some trips and regular HGG members will take priority.  As above, there is a charge for the field trips.  Some trips may attract extra costs such as travel, catering, admission charges and, in some cases, accommodation and these will be outlined to members in advance, wherever possible.


  Saturday 21st May - Thixendale


Monday 9th May at Greenhead;  Gareth Martin gives the talk we should have had in March on 'The Oklo Nuclear Reactor'.