Field Trips

Field trips have been on hold since Spring 2020 due to COVID restrictions. With the easing and removal of many restrictions, official field trips are now being planned.  However, it is anticipated that individual members attending field trips may still wish to apply measures such as social distancing and wearing masks.     There are probably more twists and turns to come with COVID so, as before, we may need to cancel or change the dates and format of a trip at short notice. We will be running two trips (details below), before planning starts for the 2022 round of indoor and outdoor meetings.  As always, your ideas are welcome and we are always looking for willing volunteers to help plan and run field trips and other events.  Mini guides have been written for individuals or small groups to use.  These guides can be downloaded from: Publications – Mini Guides here on the website.

Please e-mail us for further details or contact Bob Appleyard at

There is a charge of £ 3.50 per person for each half day trip, and £7.00 for each full day trip

Mobile phone numbers for contacting the person in charge for each field trip will be available at the HGG meeting immediately before the event, but please note that some of these are not on the weekend immediately following the Monday evening meetings.

 Date Fieldtrip
Saturday 21st August 2021.  Victoria Caves, Attermire Scar and the Langcliffe Lime Kilns The primary aim is to visit Victoria Caves.  However, along the way we will cover limestone ‘factories’ and deposition, Karst landscapes, mid Craven fault and mineralisation.  The day will end with a visit to the Langcliffe Lime Kilns and an overview of the industrial processes and calcium chemistry.  The main field trip is on tracks, paths and some rough and slippery ground, especially in and around Victoria Caves.  We’ll be walking about 3.5 to 4 miles with some short but fairly steep climbs.  Please wear appropriate footwear, dress for the weather and bring a helmet.  Cafes and toilets in Settle before and after the trip.  Further details on transport and timing will follow for those attending.
Saturday 2nd October. 2021. Peak District Volcanics Previous field trips have touched on this topic, but as far as I’m aware we have never had a trip dedicated to The Peak volcanos.  Geology maps of the area show lavas, tuffs and igneous intrusions.  The aim is to identify these in the field and discuss the origins and mechanisms of these features. Further details will follow in due course.

Non-members are always most welcome. Those attending field meetings do so at their own risk. Huddersfield Geology Group can accept no liability for injury, theft or loss however caused.

Guests from other organisations are welcome. However, if you are bringing or inviting guests it is an essential courtesy to inform the visit coordinator and Field Trips Committee Member – Bob Appleyard.

Numbers may be limited on some trips and regular HGG members will take priority.  As above, there is a charge for the field trips.  Some trips may attract extra costs such as travel, catering, admission charges and, in some cases, accommodation and these will be outlined to members in advance, wherever possible.


Saturday 21st August 2021.  Victoria Caves, Attermire Scar and the Langcliffe Lime Kilns


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