Front Cover of Rocks and Landscapes of Huddersfield book
Front Cover
Explore the many contrasting landscapes of this part of  West Yorkshire.  The hills and valleys of today reflect how geological processes have changed the original rock foundations:
  • Find out about these rock structures, minerals and weathering.
  • Read about the marine fossils around Huddersfield – including the Brockholes fish.
  • See pictures of the tree fossils found in local quarries.
This book contains a geological map of the Huddersfield district, cross sections and lots of sketches and photographs.  In 1998 the Huddersfield Geology Group received the Lasmo Geological Challenge Award for this book. ISBN 0-9532828-0-5. To purchase the book contact us. Sample page:              


Saturday 11th November:  Hundale Point, marine Jurassic and Cloughton Wyke, plant fossils


Monday 13th November:- CHANGE in talk subject matter.
The title is now 'Europe's Lost Frontiers' and is about a project to discover more about Doggerland through mapping  and computer simulation.


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